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The Mini Board

The mini moxie brand empowers girls like you to be intelligent, determined, and courageous young women, developing lasting friendships and inspiring a little moxie along the way. But we can’t do that without the help of our Mini-Board.


Are you ready to join the board and together, build a brand we can all be proud of?



What the board does:



  • They pray. Each meeting starts with a prayer and scripture to focus the
    quarter around.


  • They share. Working alongside the mini moxie art directors and marketing managers, board members finalize upcoming designs and create some of their own. They have major input on fonts, colors, messaging and other materials, and can see first-hand how a brand and its products come together.


  • They advocate. Board members are responsible for getting the word out about the items they design by making ads, promoting the brand over social media, in the community, and of course with their own friends.

  • They discover. Mini-Board meetings allow members to work together in a safe place, sharing their ideas and uncovering their hidden talents. Each board meeting will also have an opportunity to learn real-world business lessons from successful women who have inspired moxie in their own careers.

  • They inspire. Members are encouraged to bring inspiration back to their community and their friends by lifting up other girls, connecting them with Jesus and the mini moxie brand.

  • They create. The girls are motivated to keep creative boards going all year with inspiration to share at the next meeting. Keeping the creative juices flowing in between meetings inspires the girls to educate others on their hard work and be proud of their brand.

  • They celebrate. Each meeting ends with a celebration of their successes.
    Mini-Board members also get a ton of goodies to expand their success including their own business cards and a mini moxie email to communicate with other board members and reach out to the community for brand opportunities.


Each year, 20 girls are elected to sit on the board.


The cost? Nothing. In fact, board members are showered with gifts and other surprises to celebrate their hard work all year long. The knowledge and friendships you gain are priceless. Joining the Mini Board develops motivated young girls into determined young women.





Mini Moxie Application

Currently only accepting Applications for Georgia.


Here’s what it takes:


The mini board consists of girls that can confidently make important business and design decisions, and be the core promoters of the mini moxie brand.


Each board member must attend quarterly (4x a year) meetings where they will work with the mini moxie creative team and other mini board members to discuss brand strategy, brainstorm new ideas and contribute to a brand that all mini moxie girls can be proud of!

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