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Empowering young girls to find strength and bliss through Jesus, have a gracious and courageous heart, be fearless with their own ideas, inspirational to each other, and above all, to gain a little moxie on the way.

Our Mission


Mini moxie is a brand with age-appropriate lingo designed and chosen by young girls who want to spread their moxie and kindness - whether it’s in a mini moxie card to their friends or on a mini moxie t-shirt. Providing opportunities to spread moxie and kindness encourages girls to be fearless, inspiring and motivational to those around them. 

We will be taking pre-orders for our shirts! We will release a few at a time! Pre-orders will run for 2 weeks, then a week for processing. 


The force behind the brand - The mini moxie Board - consists of a team of girls (ages 12-16) contributing their own designs and ideas to help build the mini-moxie brand. The members of the board attend quarterly meetings and discuss their mini-moxie brand contributions. Each board meeting also gives them a chance to develop professional skills through exposure to successful female business leaders and gain insight on what it takes to work together and develop a brand they are proud of. They get to learn about different career options they may not have known about or learn first-hand skills to be an entrepreneur themselves with their own product.



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