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Q1 Mini Board Meeting

Saturday, January 27


DROP OFF: 10:45 AM 

PICK UP: 2:15 PM


Suite Executive Station

4463 Cherokee Street | Acworth, Georgia

Hi Girls,


Please review the information below. 

(parents can of course review, but please have them read + review the information on their own) 


Be Prepared

Please come to the meeting in your mini moxie t-shirt! They will be sent to you before the meeting. We will provide everything else for you.


Did you know? Q1 = Quarter 1.

That means that we only have 4 meetings a year together!


The year will be divided into 4 quarters. In business, things are often measured by the quarter or planned each quarter. So we separate our meetings by the quarter also. We are starting in Q1 and will have a meeting each quarter together. We will still communicate by email, or maybe even phone conferences in between quarters.


Q1= January, February, March

Q2= Apirl, May, June

Q3= July, August, September

Q4= October, November, December


What's the plan for the first meeting? Please find your agenda below.

In case you did not know, an agenda is the flow of the meeting, a good way to map out the order in which you want the meeting to go. The times may not happen exactly or we may jump to something else if we want to. It is just there to help guide us.  After this meeting, you are welcome to add something to the agenda for next meeting! We will have a print out for you day of the meeting.



****Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page even if you are unable to attend this first meeting. 


Please see that we do require you to have an email account. If you do not have one, please set up a Gmail account. Your parents may need to help you with this.  It is a good idea to set it up with a more formal name if you are creating a new account. If you already have an account, just stick with your current email not matter the name! We will only use these emails to communicate with the mini moxie team! 


Please e-mail me at with any questions or concerns you may have. Please also let me know if you need transportation. Our first meeting is in Acworth, but we hope to change it every meeting to show you different style office spaces and also consider travel times for everyone!


See you soon!


All the best, Kelly







Drop Off



What exactly is Mini Moxie 

Introduction to the Mini Moxie team leaders

Girls introduction 

Volunteers for Notes/Meeting Minutes

Hand out Goodies!

Introduction to the process of the board meetings



Opening Prayer- Lexi Grainger



Overview of the scripture for the quarter, and a friendship challenge


Kick-Off Presentation!



Working Lunch



Creative Breakout Session



Meet back in the boardroom to brainstorm 



"Networking" until pick up 




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